Sunday, August 1, 2010

How we spent our summer vacation

OK OK, it has been over a year since our last post. Sorry.

This past week, we were able to spend along the Northern California coast. We stayed at a cheap hotel, but enjoyed walking the beautiful beaches and redwood groves from Arcata to Crescent City.
From July 2010 Eureka Trip

A bonus was to spend some time with our granddaughters and their parents in Roseville on the way out and on the way back.
From July 2010 Eureka Trip

Secretly, playing with these girls was as much fun as the rest of the trip.

Still, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves once we got used to the 50-60 degree weather. Good news was that it did not rain during the entire week, so we cannot complain.

If we go again, we may just stay in Crescent City, a nice little town. Arcata was also nice in its way, since we found a vegetarian restaurant and organic grocery near Humbolt State where we felt right at home.

To see all the pictures of beach, redwoods and grandkids, click this link or the links under the pictures above.


  1. You guys look cold in those beach shots. But it also looks sooo beautiful. Wish I could have come along, not that you'd let a snot-nose kid join you.

  2. Beautiful and cold --like one of the ladies they wrote sonnets to. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Looked pretty. I remember loving Northern CA when I went with Travis and Austin years ago.