Sunday, October 4, 2009

China Study

China Study
I just finished the book China Study by T. Colin Campbell. After reading it, I feel it important to jump onto the "soap box" again and reaffirm my feelings about diet and nutrition. The information is not new. I still have an East West Journal from Sept. 1990 that has a feature article on the China Study. The cover reads "Broccoli to Bush: Veggies are Best." I used to quote from it when I was teaching at the health institute in Playas, Mexico. The take away from what is called "the Grand Prix of epidemiology" is that a plant-based diet is the way to long lasting health and longevity.

In the book, Campbell takes on government agencies for caving to big business--dairy industry, and corporate foods like McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc. and watering down the results. We did get the food pyramid from the study, but most people in the 90's thought that if you just lowered fat, you would be fine. Campbell reminds us in this book, that it is not just fat that is implicated, but the over consumption of animal products. He feels dairy is particularly bad. It is interesting that the traditional Chinese actually eat more calories than western eaters: 2,636 vs. 2,360, (or at least this was true when the study was done), but they generally do not have a weight problem or the disease associated with western culture.

Campbell claims there have been a lot of reductionists trying to isolate this or that vitamin or mineral and give it prominence in the role of nutrition, but Campbell reminds us it is the whole food that is healing, not isolated parts. The study proves that to be true. He does feel that if you go totally vegetarian, however, and do not live in the sun belt, you need to supplement B12 and D.

The amount of research that went into the China Study and other studies Campbell cites is incredible. Veggies really are best. Does this not reaffirm the Word of Wisdom revealed by the Prophet Joseph Smith? I don't think animal products are evil or bad, but it is important to use them in cold or famine. Eat them sparingly and focus on grains, vegetables, and fruits. Your health the the health of your family will be better for it. Read the book, and see what you think.

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  1. all right all right. I'm long overdue to read this.