Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy and Sad Reunion

Despite the very late start, loss of use of the trailer, the clogged port-a-potty, near hurricane force winds on the afternoon we went to the beach, the truck getting stuck in the sand, and one serious medical emergency, it was still a memorable camp. It will not be forgotten. The Kearls were very kind allowing us to use their camping area and beach toys, and the kids got to play, play, play. Lee's peach cobbler Friday night was truly a show stopper.

Deja, our official family photojournalist got some very good pictures of the kids. Including the one here.


  1. Nice pictures Deja. We wish we could have gone in the water. We thought it was funny that most of the pictures by the lake didn't include too many people actually in the water.

  2. I am really dissapointed that there was no picture of the love shack. You missed the essence. Otherwise the pictures are wonderful. Keaton has a mouth of sand in most but that is reality is it not?

  3. Isabelle misses Keaton & Noah & all the cousins. She misses Auntie Deja since she's been wearing her I LOVE LONDON shirt all week.
    Very good photography. Meesha we hope you're doing better as we heard about the emergency. Isabelle misses you. Who's Yukon is that? Did Keaton leave any sand on the beach or did he eat it all? He looks skinny & tall. Can't wait to see you Kira. Have a nice day.

  4. Deja,

    Great pictures!! We all wish we could've been there...Maybe we all could do a photo reunion or something and post alot of pictures of what's going on in our lives.

    You all look great and looks like everyone's having a blast!

    Love to you all,

    Ted & Gina and Landan and McKenna and Hank

  5. Dang. The water was beautiful. Just the one day we really had to spend there was a sandstorm... Oh well. I still feel like it was a fun trip. My kids keep talking about it, and they were very sorry to leave. Next year I need a different tent than them (hyper-paranoid mom and sleep don't go together -- I checked on them literally every 5 minutes all night).

  6. No tents next year. No port-a-potties either. My vote is for civilization all the way. (Preferrably in a condo on the beach in Alabama. Right? Right?)

    I'm with Amara though. I have really lovely memories. Puka dogs and peach cobbler. Lounging on the air mattress in the shade with mom and the sisters. Taking that long solo run by the water. Setting up the shade tent in the violent wind. Watching meesha and amara chase floatation devices down the beach ... good times, for me.